Phat Beets Youth Pickle n’ Catering Co
We use organic grains and beans, pink mineral salts, GMO free oils, organic fair trade sugar,
and organic and spray free produce from small farmers of color, including produce from
Castlemont High School Farm in East Oakland. We can also develop custom menu’s for you
events needs. Thank you for supporting youth jobs.

Hot Self Serve Bars
Almost Organic Nacho Bar: (Organic multi color corn chips, made from scratch nacho cheese (50% organic ingredients), organic in house salsa, organic made from scratch refried beans, and all the fixing). Can be made vegan too (vegan nacho cheese, from scratch vegan sour cream, etc)
Taco Bar: (Flour and corn tortillas) All the same fixing as above, we bring an electric griddle for tortillas to be served hot). We offer a organic free range chicken sloppy joe filling, or a vegetarian/vegan mushrooms pulled pork filling (or tempeh/tofu). Vegan options too
Grilled Cheese Bar : We can bring a griddle or a few electric panini presses for self serve options (we have a full bar of cheeses, sauces, stuffings, flavored oils). Hot soup tomato soup can be added too!

Dips (plus your choice of bread, pita, or organic corn chips)
● 7 layer vegetarian dip (pick the bean you want)
● 7 layer vegan dip
● Black Bean Dip
● Cilantro pesto
● Parsley pesto
● Basil pesto (seasonal)
● Humus (your choice: galic, parsley, roasted beet, spicy)
● Roasted Pepper Spread (seasonal)
● Tahini Miso Dip
● Ranch Dressing (vegan options too made from scratch)

Fruit Bowls
● Decorative seasonal fruit salad displays

● Seasonal Agua Fresca
● Gingerade (local ginger)
● Organic Jamaica
● Organic Palmers (half homemade lemonade/fair trade organic iced black tea)
● Sparkling sodas with syrups made from organic fair trade sugar and seasonal fruit
● Direct Trade Cafe Panamerica Coffee (hot or iced drink)
● Thai Iced Tea
● Flavored Water (garden mint, lemon cucumber, borage flowers, etc)

Veggie Platters
● Seasonal veggies cut in a pleasing fashion with your choice of dip (homemade ranch, vegan ranch, tahini miso dips, peanut sauce dip, yogurt dip)

Probiotic Pickle Platters
● A beautiful display of 20 different pickled veggies and/or kraut of your choice with sliced baguette or crackers
● Cheese and Pickle Platter (custom cheeses and pickles)

● Cilatro, ginger miso dressed vegan coleslaw
● Vegetarian Cesar Salad (romaine) with housemade croutons
● Arugula and roasted beet salad
● All root slaw (tunips, carrots, and beets in a light vinegrette)
● Raw kale salad (kale, garlic, lemon juice, shredded carrots, olive oil, miso)
● Probiotic Salad (a garden salad garnished with a variety of pickles and krauts, with a creamy probiotic dressing)

Soups n’ Sides
● Barley and Lentil Seasonal Veggie Soup
● 3 Bean Veggie Chili (with or with tofu/tvp)
● Whole Skin Mashed Potatoes n’ Vegan Gravy

From the Grill
● Custom Grilled Cheese (Your choice of bread, cheese) served with pickled onions and kraut
● Tempeh BLT
● House made Veggie Burgers with all the fixings